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4×4 Car Hire Uganda 2024/5 – Self Drive Uganda & Rental Offers

Interested in 4×4 car hire Uganda in 2024/2025? 4X4 Uganda self drive company is the best to book with. We have amazing car rental Uganda offers for this and next year at the best car rental prices in Uganda. This applies on a number of services that we offer that include self drive Uganda, ca rental in Uganda with driver, car rental Uganda with camping gear plus much more.

We have a large of fleet of 4×4 car hire Uganda vehicles from which you can select the best to suit your travel plans. Our 4×4 cars are designed to conquer all the tough terrains in the various parts of the country. Whether you are visiting the country on a adventure trip, business trip or charity we have the right car for you.

Best 4×4 car hire Uganda vehicles to choose from

Toyoa RAV4

This is one of the most preferred cars by travelers on their self drive or car rental with driver because of its low fuel consumption. Our RAV4 is a 4-5 seater and a mini SUV with enough space for your luggage. Whether traveling as a family, solo or as a couple, this car will work for you.

Land Cruiser TX/TZ

Looking for a raised 4×4 car with low fuel consumption for your trip in Uganda? Our Land Cruiser TX/TZ is the right car to select. Whether its a business trip or adventure, this car will offer you the best experience on the road. This is a 6 -7 seater with enough space for your luggage.

Land Cruiser V8/VX

Our Land Cruiser V8/VX is among the best comfortable cars you can hire on your trip in Uganda. This has a stronger engine that does give it the strength to go through the rugged terrains in the various parts of the country with ease.

This is a 7-8 seater with comfortable seats that are well spaced giving you enough legroom and head room as well. Rent it today and get the best price from us.

Safari Van

Traveling as a group of friends or family? Our safari vans will definitely meet your expectations. We have 9-10 seaters that come equipped with a 4×4 system, comfortable seats, functioning AC and more other amenities. For travelers planning to visit national parks, we can arrange you a safari van with a pop up roof to give you a wide clear view of the various wildlife species as they roam in the national park.

Land Cruiser Extended

Visiting Uganda national parks and would prefer the right 4×4 car for your trip? we have comfortable Land Cruiser Extended that comes with comfortable customised seats,  popup roof, a fridge to keep your drinks cold and much more.

How much is car hire in Uganda?

The cost of 4×4 car hire Uganda varies and this majorly depends on the number of days you are renting the car, the type of car you are hiring, the time of the year you are renting the car and your destination.

Number of days/rental period: Benefit from our discounts when you a rent a car for more than 14 days with us. Regardless of the type of car you have booked with us, you will get a discount thus reducing on your 4×4 car hire uganda prices.

Type of car: Our fleet does consist of different cars and these vary in terms of strength and comfort. The more comfortable the car is, the more you are likely to pay for it. For example; the cost of hiring a saloon car is slightly lower compared to that of renting a toyoa RAV4 because the latter is much more comfortable and reliable on and off-road.

Time of the year: For travelers visiting Uganda during the peak season of the year, car rental Uganda prices are competitive and higher because of the demand. car rental prices in Uganda tend to fall during the low season of the year (March to May) because the demand is always less.

Overall, our car hire prices in Uganda remain unbeatable and affordable making us the best company to rent a car from while in Uganda.

How to Hire a Car in Uganda?

4x4 Car Hire UgandaTo hire a car with us, its simple. Visit our contact form and fill in your details that include the number of days you are renting the car, the type of car and your destination. When you submit that inquiry, our well-trained team will get back to you with the best offers and also guide you on the best vehicle to suit your travel plans.

Alternatively, you can also rent a car in Uganda 2024/2025 by calling us directly on our mobile numbers (+256781451037/+256704538374) and our reservations team will brief you with much that you would like to know Uganda and the specific car of your choice.

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    What is the best company to book a car in 2023?

    When it comes to renting a car in Uganda, 4×4 Uganda self drive Ltd stands out as the best and leading company to book with. With over 15 years of experience, there is no doubt that we are good at what we do. Hire a car for self drive Uganda Safari 2024 and we shall give it to you. We offer the best cars at cheap car hire Uganda rates.

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    Self-drive Uganda 2024
    4×4 Car rental Uganda 2024
    One way car rental Uganda 2024
    Luxury car hire Uganda 2024
    Reliable car hire Uganda 2024
    Car hire with rooftop tent 2024
    Rav4 Hire Uganda 2024
    Land cruiser hire Uganda 2024