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Rent Toyota Rav4 in Uganda – 4×4 car rental

4×4 Toyota Rav4 is a small SUV car which is suitable for both safaris and town running services. Its a comfortable car and very strong to take you places without any inconvenience. Are you interested in hiring a rav4 in Uganda? We are the best car hire Uganda company to use.

This car that is manufactured by Japan automaker, Toyota Inc. is a full time 4×4 giving it the capacity and strength to go through the various terrains with ease. Whether you are visiting on a solo, as a couple, or even as a family of 4 individuals, this is the right car to hire for a memorable trip in the Pearl of Africa. 

4×4 Toyota Rav4 Hire Uganda

We have both long Rav4 which is a 5 seater and the short chassis rav4 which caries 3 people. these are 5 door and 3 door respectively. This 4X4 Toyota Rav4 use petrol and its fuel consumption is low.

How much would hiring a Toyota RAV4 in Uganda?

The cost of renting a toyota RAV4 in Uganda varies and this is majorly determined by the rental period and the number. Our costs are as follows:

1 – 7 days/per day 10 – 14 days/ per day 15+ days/ perday
$50 $45 $40

Go on and hire a 4×4 Toyota Rav4 in Uganda with us today!

Why rent Toyota RAV4 in Uganda?

There various reasons why a Toyota RAV4 stands out as the best car to choose on your 4×4 car rental Uganda experience and these are:

Low fuel efficiency: This is the main reason as to why a number of travelers select this car for their roadtrip in Uganda. It comes with a 2.0cc petrol engine and on each 8.2L will take you for  about 100KM.

Off-road capability: It is a full time 4×4 vehicle which gives it the capacity to navigate through the rugged and tough terrains in the different parts of the country with ease. Whether you are visiting national parks, up country on  a business trip, this is the right car you can count on.

Safety: We take the safety of our clients as a priority a reason as to why we are committed to making sure we provide a car that is not only safe while on the road but also has features that will protect you as you drive in Uganda. Our RAV4 comes with fully functional seatbelts, airbags, Antilock Brake sytem (ABS) and much more to protect you on the road.

Other exciting features: For a memorable roadtrip, this spacious ride comes with exciting featues that include FM radio, USB charging ports, air conditioner (AC), comfortable leather seats that can be adjusted, modern entertainment sytem and much more.

Hire a Toyota RAV4 in Uganda today and get a discount!

    Whether you are renting this car for your self drive Uganda roadtrip or car rental with in Uganda, count on us because we will give you the best price possible so that yo do stay within your budget.

    What do i need to rent a car in Uganda?

    To rent a car in Uganda, all you will need to provide us with is a valid copy of your driving license especially for travelers planning to self drive in Uganda and a valid copy of your passport as well for identity.

    Having received these, we will take you through our smooth booking process and make sure your Toyota RAV4 is reserved and availed to you upon arrival in Uganda. You will also need to ensure that you are aged between 23 – 65 years if you prefer to have a car for self drive.