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Car Hire Uganda with Rooftop tent – 4×4 Best car rental Uganda

Imagine spending a night under the sky full of stars. That’s exactly what our car hire Uganda with rooftop tent offers. Whether you are traveling with your loved one or as a group of friends, we have the right tents for you. These are easy to set up and also mount on top of the car.

Car hire Uganda with rooftop tent allows you allows to immerse yourself into the true nature and also saving you from spending big on accommodation designed to give you a memorable experience in the wild. This does include; sleeping bags, camping table, chairs, cooking gas, utensils, storage box, cooler box and if you would like an item to be added onto your gear, we will definitely add it.

We have the best and reliable 4×4 cars for hire with a rooftop tent in Uganda and these can be availed at the best car hire prices in Uganda. This comes with complete camping gear

Our car hire Uganda with rooftop tent is done to have a different and unique experience while on a tour to various destinations in Uganda. There various camping sites in Uganda where you will be able to stay overnight with your rooftop tent at very low prices.

Best cars to choose with a rooftop tent

Our fleet does consist of the best reliable cars that are regularly maintained and serviced to give you the best and hassle free experience. These include;

Land Cruiser TX/TZ

This is one of the popular cars that majority of travelers prefer on Uganda self drive road trip. This is because of its low fuel consumption, a stronger engine and a 4×4 system that gives it the strength off – road and on road.

You can hire our Land Cruiser TX/TZ with rooftop tent today and we will be able to avail it you at very riendly prices. This is a 6-7 seater without sacrifing comfort for anyone

Land Cruiser V8/VX

Looking for comfort and a reliable 4×4 for your car hire Uganda with rooftop tent roadtrip, our Land Cruiser V8 is the right car to count on. This is a 7-8 seater with super comfortable seats designed to give you the travel comfort you desire on your trip. It also comes with other amenities like modern infotainment system, AC, a sunroof and much more.

With a rooftop tent, this car will save you some good dollars you would have spent on accommodation.

Land Cruiser GX manual

Planning to spend much of your time off – road? Our Land Cruiser GX manual is the best car to conquer the various terrains you will be going through on your trip. It does come with a diesel engine and a 4×4 system giving it off -road capability.

This is among the best cars you can consider to hire with double rooftop tents that accommodates more than 3 people. If you are also on a charity work upcountry, you can hire this Land Cruiser GX manual and it will surpass your expectation.

How much does it cost to hire a car with rooftop tent in Uganda?

The price of car rental Uganda with rooftop tent varies depending on the type of car one wants to hire for his/her safari. For example; a 4×4 land cruiser Prado with a rooftop tent starts from $80 per day. This changes with the change in the type of vehicle and number of tents needed.

We also have amazing discounts on car hire with rooftop tent for you to enjoy if you are hiring for more than 14 days thus reducing the cost you would spent on your rental.

How to hire a car in Uganda with rooftop tent?

To hire a car in Uganda with rooftop tent simply contact us through our contacting form sharing your details that include the number of people, the number of days plus when you plan to  start your rental period and our reservations team will get back to you as soon as possible to process your booking and make sure each and everything you’d like to know is given to you.

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    Alternatively, you can book directly by calling/whatsapp via (+256704538374/+256781451037) and our team will be ready to give you that much needed valuable information regarding your trip in Uganda.