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Car rental Uganda with camping gear- 4×4 Car Hire + self drive

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to the sound of singing birds and roaring lions in the far end. It’s a memorable and unforgettable experience that is made possible with our car rental Uganda with camping gear service.

We have the best cars for hire in Uganda with camping equipment at very affordable and cheap car rental Uganda Kampala prices. Whether you are traveling to Uganda for honeymoon as a couple, a group of friends or family or even on a solo trip to this beautiful country, we will give you the right gear to make your road trip worth it.

For many years, we have been hiring cars with camping gear in Uganda and we have the experience to handle your camping safari to this East African country. All you need to do is to contact us and we shall give you the best offers when it comes to hiring a car with camping equipment.

Our camping gear that you can hire along with the car include; sleeping bags, utensils, camping chair, table, cooking gas, ground tent, BBQ grill, cooler box, storage box, an electric fridge (at an extra fee) and if you would like an item to be added onto your gear, we will add it upon request.

Best cars to hire with a camping gear on your roadtrip in Uganda

Our fleet of cars does consist the best cars that you can select from whether you are interested in self drive Uganda adventure or car rental with driver in Uganda. These range from small compact sedan cars to bigger 4×4 SUVs. No matter your preference, we will be able to get that for you. Some of the cars you can choose from include;

Toyota RAV4

This is becoming popular among travelers who are looking for a fuel efficient 4×4 car for their Uganda safari. Our RAV4 is a 4-5 seater with comfortable seats and other amenities designed to give you the travel comfort you desire while on and off-road.

Our RAV4 also does have enough space in the back where you can keep the camping fear and your luggage as well.

Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ

Looking for a raised 4×4 car for your but with low fuel consumption, our Land Cruiser TX/TZ is the right car to count on. This is 5-6 seater with super comfortable seats, functional seatbelts, and also a strong engine that does give it the stability off road while navigating through the various terrains in the different parts of the country.

You can consider this car on your car rental Uganda with camping gear experience and you will get the best experience.

Land Cruiser V8

If you prefer extra comfort on your roadtrip, our Land Cruiser V8 is the perfect car to really count on. This comes with a 4×4 system and a powerful petrol engine that gives it the off-road capability.

Other exciting features that come with this spacious car include a modern entertainment system, Anti – Braking system, a first aid kit within the car, sunroof, adjustable leather and non- leather seats and more other features.

Land Cruiser GX manual

Shift gears as you explore Uganda’s diverse landscapes, cultures, and popular national parks with our Land Cruiser GX manual. This does have a manual gearbox and also a 4×4 car making it the best choice to use on that trip to hard to reach areas in Uganda and beyond.

Rent our Land Cruiser GX manual with camping gear today and we will be able to give you at a discounted fee.

Our other cars that you can hire with camping gear in Uganda include safari Land Cruiser, Land Cruiser hardtop among others.

How much does it cost to hire a car with camping gear or equipment in Uganda?

Our car rental Uganda with camping gear prices are not fixed and these do depend on the type of car you want to rent, the number of days to spend with the car and camping equipment. For estimation, someone should budget around $50 and above to hire a car with camping gear in Uganda.

Car rental Uganda with camping gear will save you money that you would have spent on accommodation making the cheaper option especially for travelers on a tight budget.

What do I need to hire a car in Uganda with camping gear?

To hire a car in Uganda, you will need to have availed valid copies of your driving license and passport to prove that indeed you have the desired experience to be on the road. These are the documents that you will be required to present when traffic officers ask you to stop on your road trip in Uganda.

Once you avail these documents, we will be able to process your booking and make sure your preferred car with camping gear is reserved and availed to you upon arrival in the country.

Therefore, it’s always affordable to hire a car with camping gear with us. Visit our contact page and send us an inquiry about this offer and we shall give you the best rates in the country.

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