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Rent Land Cruiser Extended in Uganda  – 4×4 car rental in Uganda

Looking for a perfect 4×4 to use on your safari in Uganda, our Land Cruiser Extended is the perfect choice to get you anywhere in the country with ease.

This car carries 5-7 people and it comes with free WIFI, charging point, fridge and more. We have a fleet of Land Cruiser Extended cars for hire in Uganda at the best car hire prices in Uganda. These are regularly maintained and serviced to give you the best experience on and off-road.

Our Land Cruiser Extended are customized to make it suitable and the best choice for travelers seeking an extra ordinary experience on their Uganda safaris roadtrip. This comes with a popup roof designed to give you a wide view of scenic views of the destination you are visiting and spotting some wildlife species as they roam freely in the park.

Other features that come with spacious Land Cruiser Extended include an electric fridge to keep your drinks and food stuff cold, WIFI, comfortable customized seats that are well spaced to give you enough leg room.

Whether you plan to visit Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Lake Mburo National Park or even Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for a memorable gorilla trekking experience, our Land Cruiser Extended will get you there with ease.

While traveling in our Land Cruiser Extended be assured of a window seat that gives you an up close experience with some of the scenic views of the destination you will be visiting.

This Land Cruiser Extended does come with other amenities like functional seatbelts, air conditioner (AC), USB charging ports to keep your camera and devices with enough battery, modern entertainment system and so much more.

How much is renting a Land Cruiser Extended in Uganda?

Our car rental prices in Uganda for a Land Cruiser Extended are flexible and the most affordable. The cost of Land Cruiser Extended hire in Uganda varies and this does depend on a number of factors that include the rental period, your destination and the time of the year you are hiring the car.

For travelers hiring this spacious for more than 14 days, we have amazing car hire Uganda deals that you will be able to benefit from which will reduce the amount of money you are to pay on car rental Uganda.

If you do plan to cross the border into Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania, the cost of car hire will slightly change to cater for insurance and also prepare documents for the car to cross into the other countries legally.

Best time to rent a Land Cruiser Extended in Uganda

There’s no time rendered as the best to rent a car in Uganda but if you are looking for the best cheap deals on car hire Uganda, you can hire this car during the low season of the year which does take place between the months of March to May when the demand is low.

During the peak season of the year, the demand of such cars is high thus quite hard get a discount. But at 4×4 Uganda Self Drive be rest assured that you will get the best car at the most affordable price.

Is it safe to rent a car in Uganda?

Car hire Uganda is the best way you can easily explore the country’s hidden gems with ease. This does take you where public transport is unable to go saving you the time and this is the most cheapest way to get around Uganda.

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