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Land Cruiser TX/TZ hire in Uganda – Best Car Hire Uganda

Looking for a reliable Land Cruiser TX/TZ for hire in Uganda? Look no further. We have the best Land Cruiser TX/TZ that can be availed at cheap car hire prices in Uganda.

Whether you are looking forward to exploring Uganda on a self drive or would prefer car rental with a driver in Uganda, be assured that you will get the right car for your Uganda safari trip. Our Land Cruiser TX/TZ comes equipped with amazing features that make it the best option if you plan to drive off-road.

These include a 4×4 system and a strong engine that gives it the strength to go through the rugged terrains in the various parts of the country. Other amenities that do come with this car include functional air conditioner (AC), comfortable seats, USB charging port, a sunroof and much more.

This spacious car is a 6-7 seater with enough space between seats to give you the travel comfort and legroom throughout your roadtrip in Uganda.

Why hire a Land Cruiser TX/TZ in Uganda

There various reasons that make this car stand out as the favorite vehicle to use on your roadtrip in Uganda and these do include;

Fuel efficiency: One of the reasons why this car stands out and popular amongst travelers is its low fuel consumption. This does come with a petrol engine that does consume 1L/15KM making the best option amongst travelers.

Comfort: Our Land Cruiser TX/TZ comes with comfortable seats that are well spaced to give you the legroom and the travel comfort you need on your trip.

Safety and security: When it comes to safety, this Land Cruiser TX/TZ is a masterpiece. It comes with functional seatbelts, the anti – braking system, central lock to make sure the car occupants are safe plus air bags as well. Others that you may find in the car include a first aid kit and much more.

How much does it cost to hire a Land Cruiser TX/TZ in Uganda?

The cost of car hire in Uganda with us is very affordable but this varies for the Land Cruiser TX/TZ. This depends on the rental period, your destination and the time of the year you are renting.

For travelers on a long term car rental in Uganda, we have amazing car hire Uganda discounts that you will be able to benefit from thus reducing the amount of rental fees you are supposed to pay.

Is it safe to rent a car in Uganda?

Safety has always been a crucial point when considering to visit a foreign country. At 4×4 Uganda Self Drive we guarantee you that as long as you follow the right traffic guidelines on the road like driving on the left hand side of the road and respecting other road users, you will be safe.

Renting a car in Uganda is one of the cheapest ways you can get around the country and explore the various popular destinations like Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National park among others.

How to rent a car in Uganda

Car rental in Uganda with us is very easy. Visit our reservations Form and fill it with your details that do include the rental period, start and end date and type of car you’d love to hire.

Upon receiving your inquiry, our team will reach out to you shortly and take you our smooth booking process.

Alternatively, you can reach out to us via +256 704538374 and our team will reach out to you as well take you take you through the booking process.

Go ahead and book our Land Cruiser TX/TZ today at the best price. These cars are good for both safaris in Uganda and East Africa and also for use in towns and villages. We have them in both manual and automatic transmissions and their fuel consumption is relatively low.