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Long Term Car Hire Uganda – 2021/2022 Car rental Uganda for a Long Period of Time

Drive it like you own it on your long term car hire Uganda . We have both 4×4 cars for hire and 2WD cars well serviced and maintained to enable our clients to use them for a long period of time. If you plan to stay in Uganda for one month and above then definitely you need a car to help you move to different places in and around Uganda. We have got you covered with our discounted long term car hire offers in Uganda. We have both long term self drive Uganda services and car rental with a driver long term services at an affordable fee.

Whether you would like to hire a car for a group or just yours for that solo, we have the right car for you at very affordable and unbeatable car hire Uganda prices. Our long term car hire Uganda saves you alot of costs that are associated with it that include maintenence and repairs plus more.

Regardless of your rental period, we will take the responsibility to work on the car and make sure you proced with your trip hassle free. This means that with long term car hire Uganda, you can go anywhere anytime without worry.

Best cars to hire on your long term car hire

We have a very wide fleet of cars available for hire for travelers on their long term car hire in Uganda and these do include;

Saloon cars

Looking for a budget car to hire on your long term car hire Uganda? We have a large fleet of saloon cars available for hire in Uganda at very unbeatable car hire prices in Uganda. These are preferred because of their low fuel consuption. Our saloon cars include toyota Vitz, toyota premio, toyota wish among others.

Land Cruiser TX/TZ

This is one of the popular vehicles for hire in Kampala because of the comfort, low fuel consumption and more other amenities that come with the car. This is a 4×4 car which gives it the strength to go through the various terrains in the different parts of the country with ease. It is a 5-6 seater with enough space in the back for your luggage too.

Land Cruiser V8/VX

You want that car that is comfortable enough for your business trip or VIP experience while in Uganda? Our Land Cruiser V8/VX is designed to offer you such an experience at very affordable prices. This is a 6 – 7 seater without sacrificing comfort for anyone. It also comes with enough space in the back for your luggage. Its an automatic car and also a complete 4×4 car.

Safari van

Traveling as a group is made easy with this spacious car. Our safari van is one of the best cars to choose from if you plan to come as a family. This is a 9-10 seater, low fuel consumption and also a complete 4×4 car to traverse easily through the tough rugged terrains.

Other car to choose on your long term car rental Uganda include; Land Cruiser GX manual, safari Land Cruiser, Toyota RAV4 and more other cars.

How long can I stay with a rental car in Uganda?

When you hire a long-term car in Uganda with us then you don’t need to worry about the time or days spent with it. You can hire a car from us for a month, year or years. All you need to do is to contact us and we shall give you the car of your choice for long term car hire Uganda use.

Is it safe to rent a car for self drive in Uganda?

Like any other traveler, visiting a foreign country for the first time can be dauting especially if you are not so sure about the traffic laws, your safety and much more while in such a country. We do assure you that as long as you follow the set traffic guidelines, you will be safe while on the road.

In terms of security, Uganda remains one of the few safest countries you can visit on your roadtrip thus rendering it the best destination where you will ultimately be safe.

How to rent a car in Uganda?

There various ways you can rent a car in Uganda with us and this does include visiting our contact form and filling it with the required information such as your prefeered rental car, the rental period and your destination.

You can as well contact us directly on +256 704538374 and our team will as well take you through the smooth booking process and ensure that your preferred car is reserved and availed to you upon arrival in the country.

Go on a rent a car for long term use in Uganda with us today!