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Self Drive Uganda – Reliable Cars for Hire in Uganda for Self Drive

Self Drive Uganda is one of the first rising service sector in Uganda and East Africa as a whole. Many visitors especially tourists are opting to drive themselves on a trip rather than having a driver guide. This si done to reduce car rental Uganda costs and also reduce the total cost of their safari. Here at 4×4 Uganda self drive ltd have the best self drive offers starting from as low as $20 per day. We rent cars on self drive basis and ensure that our clients get the best of their money with our well maintained cars.

What is self Drive?

Self drive simply means driving yourself in a car. Unlike a case where one hires a driver, with self drive one drives him/herself to the desired destination. In Uganda we give cars to clients to drive to their destinations in the country and in other East African countries. This form of car hire is best for people interested in privacy and those well versed with the country roads and geography.

What are the requirements for a hiring a car for self drive Uganda experience?

Before you rent a car for self drive Uganda, there are some requirements needed. Here at 4×4 Uganda Self Drive ltd, we need the following before giving you the car;

  • A valid driving permit. If you have a driving permit from your home country then this can also be used in Uganda, therefore you dont need to acquire another one. We need a copy of your valid driving permit before giving you the car for Uganda self drive safari.
  • A passport copy: A copy of your valid passport is another requirement when hiring a car in Uganda on a self drive basis.

What is the age limit for hiring a car on self drive Uganda basis?

The age limit for hiring a car in Uganda on self drive basis is between 21-70 year of age. We always ensure that the right people get our cars to drive themselves on the roads of Uganda. This is done for our client’s safety.

What cars to rent for self drive Uganda experience?

Here at 4×4 Uganda self drive ltd we have many types of cars ready to be driven. Some of them include; 4×4 Toyota rav4, land cruiser Prado TX/TZ, land cruiser VX/V8, land cruiser hardtop, 4×4 Toyota super custom, all types of saloon cars and many more.

How to rent a car for self drive in Uganda?

Simply visit our contact page to rent a car for self drive in Uganda.Fill in the form and send. We shall get back to you immediately with the best car rental Uganda deals. You can also hire a car for self drive in Uganda by calling us on +256704538374/+256781451037.

Self Drive Uganda services offered

  • 24/7 on and off-road support
  • Guide on routes to use
  • GPS
  • Accommodation booking

In conclusion, self drive Uganda is the best option for someone interested in exploring new places in East Africa and privacy on the trip.